Your password in a pill


17068809450_1f0f494336_oOnline payment platform, PayPal, is taking the password game up another notch. A couple of notches actually.

PayPal is apparently concerned about its customers who constantly have trouble remembering passwords to make use of its services.

So it has come up with a solution – a microchip in a pill, which individuals will swallow and it will then give them unrestricted access to PayPal’s services without having to type passwords.

The microchip function like an electronic card except that instead of swiping, PayPal gets a signal from the microchip every time you attempt to make use of PayPal’s services and logs you in automatically instead of asking you for your password.

There have not been any certified reports on the viability of this report but it’s an interesting development to look out for.

Author: Amanda Walker

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