Seventy percent of internet traffic to be encrypted in 2016


Approximately 70 percent of global internet traffic will be encrypted in 2016, with many networks exceeding 80 percent, according to a report by Sandvine that uses data collected from networks in North America, Europe, and Latin America. North American fixed networks have the lowest share of encrypted traffic, globally, thanks to the popularity of streaming video applications which are not fully encrypted.

Over two-thirds of traffic on fixed access networks in Europe and Latin America is already encrypted thanks to popularity of sites like YouTube and Facebook. According to other findings in the report, encryption on mobile networks globally lags slightly behind fixed networks, but averages around 60 percent of total traffic.

According to the research, Netflix began to transition towards delivering encrypted video in selected web browsers, although over 90 percent of their traffic remains unencrypted. Also, Instagram is the leading mobile application yet to fully encrypt their traffic, leaving most pictures and videos unencrypted.

Author: Amanda Walker

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