RMLL-2017 [July, 1st 2017]

July 01, 2017

SOURCE: https://2017.rmll.info/en/

Date: July 1st 2017
Conference Title: Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Livre [RMLL]
Where: Paris, France
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RMLL is an open access yearly conference about Free Software, hosted in a different town each year. It hosts multiple tracks (Education, Economy, Technical, etc.) about Free Software in order to set up bridges between communities.

This year’s edition there will be less themes compared to previous editions so as to stick to our underlying thread: “Libre and Change”. We want those themes to always be related to society in ordre to emphasize and make more visible the benefits carried out and brought through the Libre Movement as a whole. This also aims at a better mix of the different aspects of the Libre. So there is neither specific technical themes, nor educational themes, nor Free Culture or DIY themes.

Instead we have selected eight main cross-disciplinary themes, each of them gathering fields and skills that could overlay another theme depending on their orientation. For instance, Graphics will most likely be shared by the “User Side” theme and the “Libre Aesthetics” theme.

Author: Amanda Walker

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