Mobile Device Management


Advanced IP Scanner

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PROS : Ability to analyze and detect WIFI routers, tablets and mobile phones. Packet Sniffing for full network troubleshooting. Each scan can be scheduled to run on a regular basis. Good support and documentation through online tutorials and mailing lists.

CONS: Steep learning curve. Interface not very intuitive. Main dashboards not easily customized.

BOTTOM LINE: Setup is really simple. The entire design interface may simply feel slow and clumsy. However, the program does not require installation. Once the scanning process has been completed you will get a detailed list of the devices in the network.

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Desktop Central- MDM


PROS : Enables to encourage more productivity by empowering employees to work anytime.  Ability to meet the administration needs of a Windows network. Distribution server for bandwidth optimization. Automate virus definition update mechanism.

CONS: Unable to achieve  bare metal OS deployments. Fair remote management and reporting.

BOTTOM LINE: Ability to define roles that best suit the requirements and grant appropriate permissions for a particular IT admin for a proactive management. Free for 25 Computers and 5 Mobile Devices. Including configuring firewall settings, security policies, displaying legal messages and alerts.

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AirWatch Mobile Management

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PROS : Provides a simplified, efficient way to view and manage all devices from the central admin console. Offers an agent-based enrollment flow for all major platforms, and allows both administrators and end users to enroll devices.

CONS: Monthly subscription billed per device. Basic functions.

BOTTOM LINE: Including passcode, restrictions, Wi-Fi, VPN, email, application. Ability to record both device and console events to capture detailed information for system monitoring. Be sure you understand what you’re getting before signing.

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