Is a photo of your airline ticket putting your security on the line?


Sharing vacation plans and pictures on social media has become a popular way to inform friends on activities you’re taking part in during your getaway while everyone else is envying you at their desk at work. According to an infographic from Internet Marketing, Inc. in 2015, 76 percent of travelers posted their vacation photos to social networks.

Although sharing photos of vacation travels can be a fun way to show your friends where you’re going and what you’re doing, it can also lead to strangers stealing your personal information. Specifically, it can be extremely dangerous to share airline boarding passes via social media, throwing them in the trash, or leaving them on the plane. Boarding passes contain your first and last name, destination, and frequent flyer number. Once someone has access to this information, they can book flights in your name and change your current itinerary.

If you find yourself traveling via plane, consider these tips:

  • Do not throw away your boarding pass. Wait until you are at home where you can shred it.
  • Instead of printing your boarding pass, download it onto your phone. This will ensure that your boarding pass will always be with you.
  • Do not share your boarding pass over social media. Cons are constantly lurking on the internet to find any personal information they can steal.

Author: Amanda Walker

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