Improving your computer’s security


16As college students, our computers become our lives.

With school work and personal files being contained on a device, protecting it should be priority; yet many computers are lost because of viruses, and because of this it becomes important to protect your computer as a student.

An antivirus is an obvious way to protect your computer, but not even that is safe as malware can hide in the form of antivirus. The question becomes how you tell the difference as a rule if it is a safe antivirus; if it can be purchased at BestBuy or Walmart, it is safe; however, if you need a antivirus quickly for free and a good one is AVG the website for that antivirus is will be linked below, as it is important to ensure you are of the proper webpage and that it is indeed safe before downloading. It also may be helpful to set your antivirus to a schedule, so you know when the antivirus window will open.

Author: Amanda Walker

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