How to login as an admin on McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. No password required



Check out this newly published knowledgebase article from McAfee Intel Security:

A specially crafted username can bypass SIEM ESM authentication (password is not validated) if the ESM is configured to use Active Directory or LDAP authentication sources. This can result in the attacker gaining NGCP (master user) access to the ESM.

This update resolves an issue where the login username is mishandled.


McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM), Enterprise Security Manager/Log Manager (ESMLM), and Enterprise Security Manager/Receiver (ESMREC) 9.3.x before 9.3.2MR19, 9.4.x before 9.4.2MR9, and 9.5.x before 9.5.0MR8, when configured to use Active Directory or LDAP authentication sources, allow remote attackers to bypass authentication by logging in with the username “NGCP|NGCP|NGCP;” and any password.

I’m speechless.

In fact, I don’t think I believe my eyes. So, let’s let that sink in…

You can login remotely as an administrator to McAfee Enterprise Security Manager using the username “NGCP|NGCP|NGCP;” and it doesn’t care what password you enter.

Nope, still finding it hard to believe.

It beggars belief doesn’t it? In case you had forgotten, McAfee was a security company.

If your company is going to continue using McAfee Enterprise Security Manager please ensure that the patches are installed. Pronto.

Author: Amanda Walker

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