HAKON’15 – Terrorstrom – The Rise of Digital Terrorism + Women’s In-Security

October 04, 2015

SOURCE: https://bit.ly/1YHwmxN

WHERE : Indore MP, India

WHEN : October 4, 2015

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Employee’s behavior has a big impact to information security in organizations. Cultural concept can help different segments of the organization to concern about the information security within the organization. Exploring the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Information Security Culture″

Information security culture needs to be improved continuously. In ″Information Security Culture from Analysis to Change″, ″It′s a never ending process, a cycle of evaluation and change or maintenance.″

To manage the information security culture, five steps should be taken:

Implementation and Post-evaluation : four stages should be used to implement the information security culture. They are commitment of the management, communication with organizational members, courses for all organizational members, and commitment of the employees.






Author: Amanda Walker

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