Ground Zero Summit 2016

November 05, 2016


Date: November 5-9 , 2016
Conference Title: Ground Zero Summit 2016
Where: Delhi, India
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This workshop will provide you with all the tools, materials, and references for further study and research. The workshop covers from the Low Frequency band (mainly used for individual physical access to buildings, garages, hotels, etc.) to the High Frequency band, where NFC is the main term we are going to discuss about.

Hacking The Droids workshop is a 4 hours hands on session which covers the basics of Android Security. This training will enable the attendees to get started in the field of Android Security and how to go about learning the advanced attacks and protection mechanisms.

From the basics of Network-based and web application attacks using Metasploit to the advance level of intruding into the system, escalating the privileges to get the administrator account, understanding & writing custom Metaploit auxiliaries, modules, scanners & exploits, writing exploits with latest protection bypass techniques, porting exploits to Metasploit and Armitage with Cortana for scenario-based attacks. This workshop will provide you with the different case-scenarios by which an attacker is able to intrude into the system. The attendees will be provided with some tools and a hands-on exploitation challenges will be done.


Author: Amanda Walker

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