Google Wallet gets fingerprint authentication


Google Wallet is one of the apps that does not receive updates on a regular basis for unknown reasons. Whenever the app has been updated, it brings in new and interesting features to the users. Google Wallet gets fingerprint authentication and PIN support Google Wallet has not received an update that takes it to the version number 20.0.158862257. The update brings in support for security-related features such as Google Account PIN and fingerprint authentication.

Unfortunately, the Google Wallet app that demands to be highly secure has been missing out on the fingerprint authentication feature.

Fingerprint authentication Most modern smartphones that are launched these days do arrive with a fingerprint scanner on board.

These sensors keep our phones secure and also bring about additional features. With the addition of the fingerprint authentication feature to Google Wallet, users can handle the financial transactions in a secure way. Google Account PIN In addition to letting you add your fingerprint for authentication purpose, the Google Wallet app also lets you use the universal PIN system to stay secured. This is known as Google Account PIN and it works across all the Google applications.

This way, you need not remember a separate PIN to access your Google Wallet. Apart from the addition of fingerprint authentication and Google Account PIN, the update also adds visual improvements and bug fixes to the Google Wallet app. You can check the Google Play Store link to keep a track of the updates of this app.

Also, if you are impatient to wait for the update to be rolled out, then you can try installing the APK of Google Wallet from a trusted source like APK Mirror.

Author: Amanda Walker

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