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OpenNMS – Free Network Monitoring

Free download

PROS : This network management application platform offers performance measurement including notification and event features, running under the open source platform. No license fees. Ability to modify and distribute the source code. Windows and OSX are also supported.

CONS: Web admin console is too basic. The learning curve is difficult and it takes weeks to master the basics.

BOTTOM LINE:  The openNMS console provides availability statistics, as well as lists of alerts, outages and recent events. Allows you to display a comprehensive reporting and graphs from the data from your current network. Strong support from the user  and expert community. A live demo is available.

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Advanced IP Scanner

Free download

PROS : Ability to analyze and detect WIFI routers, tablets and mobile phones. Packet Sniffing for full network troubleshooting. Each scan can be scheduled to run on a regular basis. Good support and documentation through online tutorials and mailing lists.

CONS: Steep learning curve. Interface not very intuitive. Main dashboards not easily customized.

BOTTOM LINE: Setup is really simple. The entire design interface may simply feel slow and clumsy. However, the program does not require installation. Once the scanning process has been completed you will get a detailed list of the devices in the network.

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NetworkMiner packet analyzer

Free download

PROS : The latest edition of the NFAT (Network Forensic Analysis Tool) provides a full array of charts to help identify exactly what traffic is flowing on your network. Native support for emailing reports. Helpful dashboard. Displays top applications used by by percentage of total traffic.

CONS: User interface could be be more intuitive. Reporting and statistics module not well integrated with dashboard.

BOTTOM LINE:  On the plus side, each report can be scheduled on a regular basis. Ability to extract transmitted files from network data. Monitors all network flows for anomalies and unusual traffic flow.  A professional edition of NetworkMiner is also available for purchase.

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Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

Free download

PROS : Provides real time graph of signal strength of one or more Wi-Fi networks each 10 minutes. Quick and simple tool for managing  connections on a device. Detects rogue access points. Includes detailed glossary of Wi-Fi terms.

CONS: No automate routine tasks. Too intrusive. Lack of configuration options.

BOTTOM LINE: Free tool. Allows you to draw a full graph displaying traffic volumes measured on the interface you selected.  Connect and or  disconnect to Wi-Fi networks.

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Free download

PROS : A network monitoring platform available under Linux, NetApp, Cisco or Windows. Capacity Planning. Troubleshooting network issues. Allows you passworddless graphs from anywhere. Simple API documentation available

CONS: Unable to run Observium in a subdirectory. Auto-discovery code requires valid hostnames. Does not show IPv6 BGP sessions.

BOTTOM LINE: This tool really helps administrators who need the ability to perform better troubleshooting for their network – well-designed UI and detailed information screens.  Free and open source.

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