Facebook wants to eliminate passwords

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Right now, you need a password to get into almost anything online. Someday, passwords could be a distant memory.

If someone gets ahold of your password, they can gain access to your entire online life. Facebook says it wants to protect you, by making the passwords useless.

The site recently launched a delegated account recovery for beta testing with developers.

The idea is that if you forget your password to an app or a site, you can use Facebook to verify your identity. Facebook will take you through exercises such as identifying friends in photos.

Facebook says the process is more secure than texts or emails asking for info.

For now, developers have to apply to use the program. Facebook says it plans to open-source the technology, so eventually you will see more companies use it.

For now, they are necessary — as well as regularly re-used, and sometimes leaked when hackers access private information. When you forget yours, the process to log back into an account you’re locked out of is clunky and not as secure as it could be.

Facebook(FB, Tech30) wants to change that — and eventually, to make passwords obsolete.

Author: Amanda Walker

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