Do You Use One Password For All Accounts? It’s Time To Change It


Internet security organization Kaspersky Labs recently ran a survey where many people were given quiz to know how good they are in protecting themselves online.

Interestingly, the organization says that many people are still not careful about their passwords. Nearly, one in seven users just creates one password for all accounts.

Well, we know that it’s rather easy to remember one password than a bunch of complicated ones. But, the company says that you are more prone to risk if you have one password in any such events of data leak.

This doesn’t mean that you will have to come up with a few passwords for many accounts or a few variations of the same password pattern. The risk is not lower in these cases too.

So, how do you stay secured? The answer is quite simple – come up with different passwords which are not easy to predict and are also totally different from each other, in the sense that they don’t resemble each other nor do they have a same pattern.

Along with this, the company has revealed that, according to its recent survey, people tend to store password in unsecured places like piece of paper, phones, text files or even browser more.

If you are using one password for all accounts, we feel its high time to change it into many passwords.

Kaspersky also has an online test for you if you would like to know how good you are at protecting yourself online!

Author: Amanda Walker

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