Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2019 USA

February 11, 2019


Date: February 11, 2019
Conference Title: Cybersecurity Leadership Summit
Where: Washington DC, USA
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Bringing together the world’s leading cyber security experts, CPX 360 key notes and conference sessions deliver the analysis, insights, and training your organization needs to prevent today’s 5th generation mega attacks that target networks, clouds, mobile devices, and endpoints.

In addition to gaining insight into ground-breaking cyber intelligence, CPX 360 is your best opportunity to get hands on with the newest cyber security technology from Check Point and partners in our technology ecosystem. You will also learn why in order to remain operationally secure, businesses require a new generation of cyber security: Gen V. Take a minute to discover more of the benefits you will receive from attending CPX 360.

CPX 360 delivers several conference tracks of vital interest for professionals in many cyber security and business roles. The Cyber Talk keynotes track is perfect for C-level executives and other policy makers. Patterned after TED sessions, Cyber Talks bring together top cyber security experts who identify today’s unprecedented security challenges as they discuss cyber security priorities, trends and innovations. The Architect, Prevent and Manage tracks provide the best and most practical ways to secure your organization. Cyber Security engineers, architects, administrators and geeks will benefit greatly from the Customer Community Use Cases track as well as the Technology Innovation and Hands-on Labs to test drive our latest technology.

Key Topics

The Future of Digital Business Security

Zero Trust: Introducing a New Way of Thinking into your Cyber Strategy

What are the Building Blocks of a Future Proof Zero Trust Approach?

User Behavior Analytics

Social Engineering: Threats and Prevention

Cyber Threat Intelligence: Importance & Effective Use

IoT and Industrial IoT: Risks and Concerns

Critical Infrastructure Security

Application Security, Agility & Development

Endpoint Management & Security: Getting It Right

The Role of AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Blockchain & Cybersecurity: What Does the Future Hold?

Security as a Requirement for Governance & Privacy




Author: Amanda Walker

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