60 seconds is all it takes to protect your iPhone

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EncryptionApple’s iOS platform is relatively secure out of the box thanks to Apple’s continued efforts to protect users’ data. There are a number of important security features baked into the operating system, some of which you’re likely aware of and some that operate behind the scenes. But there’s one security feature in particular that is painfully simple to enable, and yet there are still a huge number of iPhone users who ignore it.

Now, we’ll tell you about yet another reason to take 60 seconds out of your day and enable this crucial security feature.

If you’re not used to it, setting a PIN code on your smartphone can indeed be annoying. This simple security feature is hugely important, however, and the logic is obvious: If your phone is protected by a PIN, you’ll be the only person who can access its contents.There’s another reason to enable PIN protection on your iPhone though, and ZDNet reminded us about it in a recent post.


By enabling a PIN code or password on an iPhone, you’re not just protecting your apps and data from prying eyes. You’re also enabling encryption that preventshackers from being able to access your private data.

The entire procedure will take you less than 60 seconds, and it will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re safe from thieves, hackers and anyone else who might want access to your phone.

iPhone_6_SecurityZDNet has an illustrated guide that explains how to set a PIN code, and you can check it out by following the link below. It’s painfully easy, though: open theSettings app, scroll to Touch ID & Passcode (or just Passcode on older phones), and tap Turn Passcode On. Then follow the on-screen prompts and you’re done.

Author: Amanda Walker

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