419 phishing scam promises BMW, $1.5 million and an Apple laptop

SOURCE: https://bit.ly/1WtUkwa

Cybercriminals are offering the “winners” of one 419 phishing scam a 2016 BMW X6M, a $1.5 million check and an Apple laptop in exchange for personal identifiable information (PII).Malwarebytes researchers spotted threat actors sending emails entitled “Dear Lucky Winner” from the so-called “BMW Lottery Department” requesting the target’s name, address, nationality, age, occupation, direct phone, present country, and email, according to an April 12 blog post.

The ‘419’ refers to the section of Nigeria’s Criminal Code which outlaws the practice, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The first wave of such attacks originated in Nigeria.Researchers pointed out the attackers are asking victims to send their information to an office claims department which uses a Gmail account that misspells the automaker’s name as “BWM” instead of BMW.

he message is a scam and no BMW 435i’s are being given away as claimed. The message and the associated Facebook Page is just one more in a series of like-farming scams that have falsely promised BMW’s and other high-end vehicles in exchange for liking, sharing and commenting.

The scam is designed to trick users into liking the scam page and further promoting it via shares and comments. Pages with high like-numbers can later be sold on the black market or used for further spam and scam campaigns.


We are giving 2 BMW 435i On April 15 , 2014
2 Lucky Winners Will Be Announced On April 15

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Good Luck to everyone !

Author: Amanda Walker

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