20 Email Services You Need to Know To Send Emails Anonymously

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If the first thought which comes to your mind is, “Why send emails anonymously?”. There are many advantages to it more than the negative side you think it has. If you want to protect your identity, but at the same time you want to send a secret admirer note, or express your opinion without bringing attention, sending information about crime.

Anyway, privacy and anonymity is our digital right. If you genuinely consider the concern for your privacy in web, the basic foundation is anonymity.

Here we list is some of the email services to send and receive emails with complete encryption features, some with self-destructible and a few disposable features.

  1. Anonymous Email TorGuard: This web email service provides you 10B of storage, cryptographic features, an anonymous inbox to send, end to end security using SSL encryption and for securing the messages, it uses G/PGP encryption.
  2. Tor Mail – This stands up to its efficiency by providing super anonymous email service which runs on the hidden service network. If you want to access it, you must use Tor. By using so, it won’t be easy to trace the mail source.
  3. GuerrilaMail- This email service lets you choose a temporary email address to send and receive emails anonymously and it has disposable and self destructible feature which deletes the mail after an hour.
  4. Secure Mail– This email service uses 4019 bit key, which makes the email that you are sending unreadable except you. You don’t need to give in any personal details like your IP address. They have a zero-tolerance policy against spam.
  5. 5YMail– This email service requires a registration for an active service account to send anonymous emails by providing recipient address and if you do not want to receive any replies. The text editor in this email service is quite rich.
  6. AnonymousEmail.us- This email service has a simple UI where you will have to enter the details such as receiver’s email address, subject of the email and the content. Attachments of files and addition of a reply to’s address are optional features.
  7. AnonEmail Anonymouse.org – This email service is also similar to the one given above. You will have to enter the receiver’s email address, subject and content of the email.
  8. SendAnonymousEmail.net- The basic information such as receiver’s email address, subject of the email and its content are required in this service. The entry of the sender’s email address is optional. But before you send an anonymous email through this service it prompts you to enter a security code.
  9. Send-Email.org- This email service is usable tool with a simple user interface asking for basic details to send out an anonymous email such as receiver’s email id, subject and content of the email. Again, the sender’s original email address is optional.
  10. VenomPen- This is also a similar anonymous email sending service tool similar to the ones above, but to access this tool you have to certify that you are of above 18+ years to agree to their terms and usage.
  11. W3-Anonymous Remailer- This is yet another simple and easy-to-use email service tool to send out anonymous emails with just 3 details. Recipient’s email address, email’s subject and email content.
  12. Cyber Atlantis- This email service is also similar to the ones mentioned above, but in this tool, the IP address from your email to the recipient is stripped off resulting in non-easy tracing.
  13. Hide My Ass! Anonymous Email- If you are feeling uncomfortable giving in all your personal details whenever you sign up an online service then this is the right tool for you. Apart from the basic services like the other tools, this email service also offers an option to auto-delete your emails after a pre-set time period. This exclusively creates an account and inbox just for receiving emails. You can also opt for sending out a notification to your real email address whenever you receive an email to this account.
  14. Mailinator- This email service targets all the users who want to send spam mails and also protect their anonymity to every extent. It offers a free disposable email address and an inbox for receiving emails apart from sending anonymous emails.
  15. MyTrashMail.com– It is a right spam blocker tool to protect your private email address from getting spammed. It blocks out spam when you register at a web service, sign up a newsletter, forum, etc. Registered account and password is not required.
  16. TempInbox.com – As the name implies, it is an email service tool which is fully anonymous to send and receive emails with a disposable inbox.
  17. Mailnesia- Whenever you sign up for a web service or register for a site, you can use the email address that you have created with Mailnesia for disposing those emails. Mailnesia helps you to visit email verification links in the background, automatically to validate any service account, you’ve signed up which is one of the awesome features.
  18. NotSharingMy.Info – This email service offers you a permanent email address to send and receive anonymous emails . No identifiable or traceable information, but only your real email address is needed to send all the anonymous emails to check the function of the feature.
  19. Discard.email- This email service offers you a seven day purgeable inbox to send and receive anonymous emails but not original emails.
  20. Spambog- This email service is similar to the discard.email tool where your email is also protected with an alias password.

Author: Amanda Walker

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