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The new version 10.7 fixes all Vista issues and it also allows you to keep your registry clear and clean up tracking cookies including all the junk files. From Internet settings to disk drives, System Mechanic Professional inspects and can improve the condition of your sytem. Besides, it comes with its own system shield anti-virus tool as well.

Review Date: 2015/03/28

# System Mechanic Professional 14.5



Allows you to keep your PC in top shape and running smoothly. Can be installed up to three computers. Ability to tune many aspects of your computer and lets you know when you need to fix something.


License key problems. Sometimes, it must validate its subscription information by communicating with the company's server.

The Verdict

The program allows you to fix what needs to be fixed so you don't have to buy different utilities for different tasks. Recommended to both novice and experienced users. .

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Fast disk defragmentater

Image blocking

Personal privacy protection

Besides, the program gives you real and detailed explanations of all programs and processes. In addition to that, System Mechanic runs in the background and is completely unobtrusive. However, it would seem that the program is is a resource hog. It can consume roughly 28 percent of all available resources. Data recovery option, available.

  • Performs at peak during the period of use
  • No change in boot-up time: pc versus laptop
  • Initial repair requires system restart
  • Can be scheduled to defrag selected drive
  • Intuitive interface
  • Cheaper than the other name brands

Overall, the software comes with an online knowledge base including free and unlimited technical support. The biggest drawback is that you can no longer use the software after one year. You have to re-purchase a new license. That being said, System Mechanic Professional remains a good maintenance utility. At last, if you have antivirus already installed you will have to remove the application.

Specs and Data : system requirements

Current Version

Manufacturer: Iolo technologies. File size: 448.92K. File name: smpro_dm.exe

Operatin Systems

Windows 7, Vista and XP. Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 above with SP 2. Includes designated drivers in System Mechanic 10.7.

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