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The latest version of Norton Ghost can be a bit intimidating to new users but Symantec's ability to provide excellent support is worth far more than the price of the software. Simple to install, the setup is very straightforward. On the other hand, you can only restore or backup when booting from the CD. Will be supported up to June 30, 2014.

Review Date: 2013/11/04

# Norton Ghost 15.0



The price is good and the program works well. However, the previous versions cannot exist on the same machine. Ability to run the recovery CD to restore images. Improved support for virtual formats.


Slow on larger disks with incremental backups. Product works properly but not well designed.

The Verdict

Easy to use and deploy, the program enables to stop emails written in specific languages with one click. .



High compression

Custom drivers loading

Requires .Net framework

The instructions could be more user friendly. As for backups, they can be on demand or automatic. Each recovery may take up to 35 minutes and requires input only at the beginning of restoration. The new interface does not show how to help or solve the errors such as: ""Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed.

  • Dedicated to one PC not one user with multiple PCs
  • Not an improvement over 14
  • Convenient set and forget scheduling
  • Runs with external and local drives
  • Ability to backup your entire system
  • Works well on Windows 7

Norton Ghost works well for a backup to an external SATA drive. Besides, you can view a running backup's progress bar and adjust backup operation speed. You can also explore the folders stored in an existing point.

If you want to upgrade to Symantec Norton Ghost 15.0, you don't even need to have owned any prior versions. However, you will not be able yo restore from the network drive when using the system recovery disk. Please note that the current version now offers recovery points to offsite locations.

However, you have to go find the drivers yourself and you cannot copy files to an external drive.

Specs and Data : system requirements

OS compatibility

Windows platform. Publisher: Symantec. Support for Microsoft Hyper-V and Blu-ray disc media

New Features

Web-based support and phone. Note: the Symantec Recovery Disk does not support wireless network adapter drivers.

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