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Designed to control Internet resources, CensorNet Professional is a flexible product suitable for many organisations and network environments. Based on configurable rules, whether the individual or workstation concerned has the correct access profile to allow the request to be completed.

Review Date: 2015/03/25

# CensorNet Professional

EDITOR RATING: very good
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Powerful and intelligent real time raters detect unknown sites and are trained to filter web content. Remote control the desktop on any computer. Integrated firewall for complete security.


Software specific. Admin privileges required.

The Verdict

CensorNet protects against undesirable Web sites and web based threats, delivering enhanced security and compliance. .

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Multiple login detection

Email notification

Netware NDS authentication

The comprehensive database contains over 60,000,000 known Web sites categorised into over 70 categories. Included as standard is the Active Image Control image filter which inspects over 13 different image formats for unsuitable and offensive content, replacing suspect images with a safe symbol. Update 2.0.15 is now available which fixes the problem with Transparent Kerberos and Win7.

  • Ability to set up multiple categories of file type filters
  • Detailed reports on who has visited blocked web sites
  • Policy replication
  • Bandwidth limiting feature a
  • Ability to import users from Active Directory
  • Suspend user option

You can download and go using their self-installation Linux software, a virtual appliance for VMware or order one of our Dell® powered hardware appliances. Besides, you can allocate nearly all of the space for the root partition including a little space for the swap partition. In addition to that, this GPLed filtering web proxy offers a turnkey solution comprising proven technology, robust and scalable hardware and years of experience that meets the exact needs of the ISP, whether it is a single list implementation or a complete subscriber content filtering platform.

Overall, CensorNet protects against undesirable Web sites and web based threats, delivering enhanced security and compliance.

Specs and Data : system requirements


80GB SATA HDD (min 7,200rpm). Citrix XenServer (via OVF converter)

Up to 500 computers

Hardware RAID controller. 10/100/1000 NIC. Latest version of Adobe Flash Player & Reader. SSH client.

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